sometimes writing is an impossible to climb crag which one must attempt in dark and fog and rain. sometimes it is an old friend one takes by the hand to lead into the warm sunset.

this week i feel like i’ve found it hiding in the bushes, pounded it over the head, grabbed it by the hair and dragged it down a rocky hill kicking and screaming.

it’s ok. i think we’ll sit down for tea and cookies later.

in other remarks: i’m still debating this venture of bartending school. the class starts monday and is MUCH cheaper than i had expected. BUT i am without job right now, and the money would cover rent for a month. i could charge tuition to a card and worry about it later. if i got a bartending job, i could potentially pay off the tuition quickly.

lots of ifs. ALAS, i forever debate every little thing about every little decision before doing anything. i think it amy be time for another leap of faith….

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