so catching up.

i stayed sick for a while after hospital. people that were in similar situations suggested that they fucked up my spinal taps which threw me off for a while. but i am well now, the only take away i got was to make sure i don’t get dangerously dehydrated again and to keep warm in the cold- apparently i have super low blood pressure which can cause me to faint or seize if i’m too cold and my system’s a little off.

mr. sexy boyfriend guy brought me up to cape cod to his family summer home for my b-day and thanksgiving. we took the train all the way up. (i never thought a cute boy would make me get over my fear of trains so easily!)

we relaxed in the hot tub, we slept, we did homework, we drank like fishes. his mum brought us out to this super popular little frenchie restaurant for my birthday. we all had lovely food and enjoyed the scene and the company. most definitely the best birthday ever! thanksgiving was just four of us and the sweetie pie dogs with warm sun on the patio, a view, and fresh apple wine. it was heaven.

since being back, i’ve been pretty damn relaxed about everything. life’s been good and i’ve been able to stop and smell the roses. matt and i have become a whole lot closer and grow more fond of each other every day. i finally got greg to sign the receipt stating i served him the papers without him having a mass freak out. my bff and i have been making efforts to at least chat once a week to keep up.

the only thing that’s been in my way and stressing me out has been work. the work load, the lack of help, the non existent breaks, the overly long shifts, my staff being much less than pleasant EVERYDAY. I’ve been so tired and run down lately i’ve been scared of getting sick again. i said i would try to make it through the new year at least before i left. but after miscommunication 5 ba-jillion the other day and the attitude of it’s my fault because i should be able to fucking read minds, i said enough is enough. time to focus on school, my health, and living. i promised myself i would.

i have a ton of ideas floating around for another part time job….i think 2 part time jobs is easier worked around school than a full and part time. hopefully something pans out. wish me luck.

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