a bunch of coconuts

what a week!

so i’ve been a bit under the weather for a few weeks now…sadly i’ve been a bit burned out from work and not sleeping. and as is tradition, i was sick on halloween- my favorite holiday.

long story short- i end up in the hospital because they think i have meningitis. curable, but not nice. look it up. spinal taps and tons of tests later, and they still don’t know what’s wrong other than an infection. unfortunately, spinal taps cause weird headaches as a side effect…so i went in with headaches and left with them. PLUS i am now so sensitive to motion and cold that i vomit from too much exposure to either for too long.

in the whole mess of being in the hospital, my boss is bugging me every five minutes via text for answers on what i have, how long i’ll be there, etc. (i don’t know if you’ve ever been in a hospital, but they don’t tell you that stuff until they’re about to let you go.) SO he decides to have me put on medical leave. i have my doc fax over a release for me, but never get a confirmation from work saying i’m aloud to come back or even letting me know if they got the papers.

almost the whole weekend i spent in bed arduously trying to get caught up on school work. actually most of my time out of bed had been painful or involved me vomiting.

yesterday matt bought a truck that decided it didn’t want to run as soon as we got it across town…forcing me to eventually be in the sick place from the mess of everything. then we come home to CO2 alarms going off in the basement. So matt and i run out of town to stay at a friend’s place so we’re not sleeping with CO2 fumes.

so work calls me first thing this morning wondering why i haven’t shown up for work. and i’m like….um….yeah…..today just isn’t gonna happen.

i’ve finally come to realize that i’ve been letting my job kill me. literally. and i’ve had some really cool people remind me that i have alot of things that i’ve been missing out on and life i haven’t been living. all for a really crappy paycheck, for benefits, sick time and holiday pay.

screw this. it’s time to pick up another part time job and focus on my health and school. i wanna graduate with high honors and go as far as i can. i wanna make a comfortable enough living for myself that allows me to travel and have a somewhat nice car and to take my sexy boyfriend out for fancy dinners in the city once in a while. i don’t want him to have to see me in the hospital again or have to hold my hands while i’m getting another spinal tap.

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