an addiction?

SO. for those of you that don’t know- i am FINALLY going back to school. i’m going for my bachelor’s in software architecture and networking technology- double major, oh my!

today i spent alot of time on the campus website soaking in as much info as possible about the school before orientation and class starts next week. i started digging into the tutorials section, which is mostly “this is how you use the site.” “this is how you email.” when i found a section on tips for writing. in one section they suggest ‘creating an addiction to writing’ and writing daily to overcome potential hurdles when there is a need to write an extensive paper. and i realized…this summer, i really have gotten out of the habit of writing… i haven’t blogged much and even twitter and facebook posting (or micro blogging as i like to call it) have very much fallen by the wayside. hell, i have been attempting my pen pal letter since june and it just hasn’t happened, even though the last two letters went quickly and smoothly. (by the way- if you’re reading this my friend- i have not forgotten, but life’s been pretty damn crazy….it’s in progress and will be on it’s way soon!)

i realize that a big part of my life is breaking things down and organizing them. it is sad but true. and part of the reason i should be writing every day is that i need to break my thoughts down and organize them, and mark momentous occasions with a blog or tweet again. there have been so many crazy, wonderful, and terrible things that have happened this summer which kind of overwhelmed me to the point where i forgot to take that little bit of time to myself everyday for my mental health… but i wouldn’t take back a single moment!

now i leave this entry with promise of many more (and maybe a short retelling here and there of my summer adventuring and mayhem) as it is just about time for me to pass out- matt and i are getting up early to catch one last ‘summer’ day at the beach.

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